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Marketing For The Automotive Industry

“No Aggressive Sales People, Only Automotive Marketing Professionals”


Expand Your Dealership or Number of Rooftops

Attract More Ups & Service Turns

Create a 5-Star Online Reputation

Increase Your Bottom Line Profits

Full-Service Marketing Services for Automotive Professionals

Our Proven Strategies Will Get Your Dealership Noticed

Contact Us Now For a Free Consultation!

We are a full-service automotive marketing firm that specializes in Reputation Marketing and Automotive Marketing services for automotive professionals. Our fully-customized automotive marketing strategies are designed specifically for the automotive community. That means we understand the nuances of the automotive community, as well as the lingo. For instance, we know that thousands of “ups” use the major search engines to search for vehicles and service turns in their immediate, local area. With our automotive marketing, reputation marketing and automotive local buzz services, we’ll have you attracting the very “ups” searching for you and your dealership.

We’ll Give You One Reason Why You Should Choose Us Over The Competition:You Can’t Afford Not To!

Your auto dealership or rooftop needs to be found if you’re going to be successful. Our talented team will create the ultimate online presence that will have visitors flooding your showroom and wanting to stick around. But we’ll give you one more reason to choose us. We are very picky about who we work with. We only choose to work with dealerships we feel we can help and that are ready and willing to grow their businesses, by utilizing our proven strategic systems and methods. That means that your dealership is ‘fingerprinted’ with our work, which means it’s uniquely yours unlike any other business on the Internet.

Ask Yourself The Following 3 Questions:

“Does Your Dealership Currently Have Any Presence Online?”

“Is Your Dealership Currently Being Found Online?”

“Does Your Dealership Currently Own a 5-5tar Reputation Online?”

If You’ve Answered “No” To Any of The Questions Above, You Owe It To Yourself To Register For a FREE, NO-HASSLE Strategy Session Today!

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Starting a New Business is hard enough.. Core Concept Marketing took the time to work with us! They went Above and Beyond our expectations! Thanks Core Concept Marketing!! Doug & Jodi

- Doug & Jodi


As an automotive professional, your time is valuable and we wouldn’t dream of wasting it. As a result, we offer a free, no-hassle consultation from an automotive marketing professional, not some pushy salesperson. We can conduct the strategy session over the phone, in person (if available), via email, or by live chat.

During our strategy session, our automotive marketing professionals will review your business and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. This will help us construct an automotive marketing strategy that will help you expand your dealership, your ups, your service turn roster AND your profits, guaranteed.




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Free Consultation

Do You Have a 5-Star Reputation Online?

Do you have a database to keep in contact with your customers?

Is there a “call to action” on your website?

Are you targeting your local area for business?

Is your website ranked on Google on page 1 for your target keyword phrases?

Do you have testimonials or videos on your site to build trust and interest?

Do you have a Mobile SMS list that you are sending out promotions and offers?

If You Said No To Any of The Questions Above, You Are Losing Money…

Simply contact us TODAY to find out how you can fix your website and get the most profit possible out of it and get your marketing strategy plan!

We will evaluate your current business needs and come up with the best possible solution for your dealership. Remember, we want long-term, happy clients and we understand that if we don’t increase your bottom line you will not be one of those long-term, happy clients!

Let us show you what we can do to increase your Business’ online presence.

>>Give us a call at 412-499-3733<<


Automotive Consulting
Automotive Consulting

Training  and consulting auto dealerships in automotive advertising campaigns and strategies is a huge component of what Core Concept Marketing does. From traditional media campaigns to social media marketing and online brand reputation, Core Concept Marketing works extensively with your dealership’s sales and service staff members to develop and implement a successful strategy for any marketing medium.

We often participate in speaking engagements in topics from digital marketing to online business development centers, providing a hands-on approach for educating our dealers. So whether your dealership is new to handling social media and digital marketing or developing a positive online brand, our automotive ad agency handles all aspects in order to help you reach your goals both quickly and efficiently.

Automotive Dealership Reputation Marketing
Automotive Dealership Reputation Marketing

Let our expert staff position your dealership in the best possible way. Our Reputation Marketing solution will ensure you always know what is being said your dealership online.

With our Reputation Marketing strategy, our team will implement our proven step-by-step strategies to showcase your dealership’s strong reputation where it matters most – across Google, Yelp, Citysearch, Yahoo, Foursquare, and other online review sites. A recent Harvard Business Statistics Study showed a business can increasing their TOTAL REVENUE by 13% for every 1/2 star improvement on Google!

Social Media Marketing For Automotive Dealers
Social Media Marketing For Automotive Dealers

Social Media is a passion for our team! Our entire crew is focused on creating a sense of community and engagement with the fans and followers of our automotive clients. Unlike other “small businesses,” automotive social media marketing requires both a knowledge of your dealership – from new and used car sales to all of fixed ops – service, and paint and body.

Only by truly understanding your specific dealership can we create a compelling social media presence that defines “you” across the various social sites. The Core Concept Marketing automotive social media team will show you exactly how we will design your rooftops presence across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and of course YouTube.

We want to know about your business, and your goals. Your hopes and dreams. Your aspirations. Okay, that’s a little heavy handed, but we’re going to get downright nosy about your business.

We want to know products, services, how you see your social audience, how you see your competitors. We want to know what you’re doing in marketing. We want to know what you want your business to do, how you want it to grow.

Then, we’ll plan our work for you. We’ll show you a road map of how social media in all its forms can help you attain your marketing goals. Customized to where you are right now and where you want to go. Your social media strategy will complement your marketing efforts as well as your overall online presence.

Our clients typically begin to see results within the first 45 to 60 days. But you have to keep in mind, Social Media is a cumulative process that grows over a period of time. Your Social Media presence will grow and evolve and adjust in order to stay lively and engaging on all fronts.

We create and manage campaigns to attract followers, friends, circles from your local market.

We create and manage campaigns to amuse, enlighten, entertain; engage your social presence on multiple platforms.

We create and manage mobile systems to encourage traffic and sales.

We monitor reviews, feedback and citations, and design systems to encourage positive feedback and reviews for your dealership.

Whether you have one rooftop or multiple, we can put systems in place to raise the level of awareness of your brand in multiple social and search arenas. Social recognition and participation can make a measurable positive impact on your bottom line.

Automotive Mobile (SMS) Marketing
Automotive Mobile (SMS) Marketing

Mobile (SMS) Marketing should be a critical component of your rooftop’s sales and service marketing strategy. Whether you want to increase your dealerships Be-Back rate or increase the service departments profitability – we can help!

We often have a standard of 800% ROI for service retention! Our mobile team is accomplished at implementing real world mobile strategies that tie together Mobile Websites, Coupon Marketing, Mobile Contest Marketing, Smartphone Apps, QR Codes, Mobile Lists, and more to help generate more profit and hit a large ROI. Discover how we can help your dealership today!

Automotive Dealership Direct Mail
Automotive Dealership Direct Mail

The price to mail one mailer is the same as to mail another of equal weight and size. But, one may cost you many times more. Lost opportunities, lengthened sales cycles, and lowered credibility all grind away at your profits and pile onto your costs.

Many businesses use office assistants to write sales letters to customers and prospects. This is like sending these people on sales calls, and is grave a mistake. It is also a mistake to assume that your sales people have the time to carefully create mailings that reflect well on your company.

To be effective, a direct-response mailer must be carefully crafted and expertly written. For a mailer that sells, call us today!

Why Choose Us

We’ll give you one reason why you should choose us over the competition: YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!

We offer a full range of Internet and offline marketing services for the automotive industry, including Reputation Marketing, Mobile SMS Marketing, Local Buzz, Video Marketing, as well as Paid Media Campaigns. Your automotive dealership or rooftop needs to be found if you’re going to be successful.

Our talented team will create the ultimate web presence that will have “ups” flooding your showroom and wanting to stick around. But we’ll give you one more reason to choose us. We are very picky about who we work with. We don’t just work with anybody and everybody. That means that your dealership is ‘fingerprinted’ with our work, which means it’s uniquely yours unlike any other rooftop in your local market, or on the Internet.

>>Give Us A Call Today For A FREE No-Hassle Consultation At 412-499-3733<<